The Threat of Climate Apocolypse and the 2020 Election

. . . it's time we took the corporate spoiled brats into the woodshed

A mass fish die-off in Michigan
from Science, Space, and Robots

With the exception of the small percentage of people who have heeded climate warnings for decades, most of us are just beginning to take it seriously. I was reading one news commentary site where one commenter excoriated the others for the conceit that anything they did (take cloth shopping bags to the supermarket) contributed even in a small way to mitigate the problem.

"It's not us," the writer exclaimed,"it's the corporations who manufacture these items that have become so ubiquitous. That's where the action should take place." There's no doubt that the commenter is right. So long as Supermarkets use plastic bags for holding our purchases, nothing will change. And you have to be very organized in your shopping to always be prepared with cloth bags. And that is where I fall down because I'm a creature of habit. If I bring cloth bags to the supermarket, I have to have the bags out and ready at checkout. If you don't have your bag ready for the cashier, your stuff is going into a plastic bag. Then when you bring your purchases home, you have to remember to put the bags back in your car for your next shopping trip, whether planned or impromptu. If the bags aren't with you, you go home with plastic bags. And even if you're consistent and persistent in having your bags with you at all times, you are still part of a small minority, and the supermarket will continue to purchase and offer the enviroment poisoning plastic bags.

But these efforts by a tiny minority of the public are tiddly-winks compared to the graver and graver warnings from experts.  If you check this link, seas could be without life by 2048, they're talking about no fish, as if the only consequence is the absence of fish for us to eat. I'm not sure that's the only consequence. There was an article published shortly after about a die-off of a small bed of mussels. Mussels are salt water creatures, so this is relevant to the 2048 prediction. The article stated that the stench of the die-off was unbearable. A small bed of mussels. Imagine a die-off of all the species that live in or by the oceans.

This outcome would clearly be a disaster to life as we know it. In fact, we have had another dieoff, thousands of sea birds caught by an ocean hotspot. And this isn't 2048, it's now. It's aready happening.


preteen Image by Pezibear from Pixabay

A few months before the article came out, my oldest grandchild asked for a 4Ocean bracelet for Christmas. This was a specific request - she knew that purchasing the bracelet involved a donation to the organization. Each bracelet purchase provides funding for, I believe, the removal of 1 lb of plastic from the ocean. I was very proud of this 12 year old's budding social conscience. When the 2048 article came out, I was dismayed. How old would my grandchildren be in 2048. My oldest would be 42 and the youngest, 37 - the prime of their lives.

I didn't bring my children into the world for this end. And I know that my son and daughter-in-law didn't bring their children into the world for this. Was the only thing I could do be offering a prayer and an apology? My grandchildren and most of the grandchildren of our country aren't old enough vote for their future. Therefore, those who can vote, especially if they don't want this end for the future generations must vote for them. Most of the people who want to be president are in it for what they can get out of it. How many politicians get rich while in office?

We must select the candidate who "gets" the threat of climate change and vote on behalf of the children. And for me, that is Bernie Sanders.

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  1. A small joy. I recently went to a JoAnn’s Fabrics store to purchase some yard to teach my granddaughter how to crochet. For the first time in a long time, my purchases were handed to me in a paper sack. Admittedly, a small joy. One chain forward, zillions to go.

    “and miles to go before I sleep”

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