Aging in the Coronavirus Plague Year – part 4

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The Guardian/us online is my regular mainstream news source.  Yesterday and today they published two stories that anyone who is old , not suffering from dementia or Alzheimer's, should read as well as any adults who have older family members that they may be called on to care for in the future.  Too often we only look at these subjects when the need is immediate - and at that time we don't have the time to absorb the information.

Yesterday's article was Seniors and staff caught in the middle of nursing homes' quest for profit,  which discusses the effect  of treating Nursing Homes and other "Senior" living facilities as assets waiting to be liquidated, a la the movie, Wall Street.  You want to sic Gordon Gecko on your grandma?  No?  Better read this article. That nursing home that I mentioned in my first Aging in the Plague Year post - the one with the piled up bodies - is mentioned in this post.

Today, the Guardian published an article, I had to move my mother twice because of appalling experiences in aged care homes by an Australian whose experience with Nursing Homes there is reminiscent of the experiences I relay in posts one to three of Aging in the Plague Year.  It is a more complete picture because he was the care taker and obviously  kept good records, so you get a blunt appraisal of what's out there.  It's both depressing and enraging, but it can't be fixed unless you know the truth.

Note, too, that this problem with Nursing Homes and Adult Living Residences is world-wide.

In my next post, I'm going to tell you the story of my "wellness" experience with a Nursing Home, and then I''ll wrap this series up with a final post on recommendations for arranging for care for yourself or an older family member.


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