My pictures are either personal ones - meaning taken by me, my family, my private sources.  I also use publicly available photographs from  sites like Pixabay, which offers copyright-free or Creative Commons usage rights. Where credits are listed, I offer them here.

The picture at the top of this page is from Pixabay, with no attribution needed. Even though its a picture of some band, it's spirit strikes me as the exuberance and excess of creativity that needs to be credited.

This image, which I used for Old Lady Gardner,   is a government poster from World War II.  As I was 5 years old when the war started, I wouldn't know where to find the name of the artist.  Too bad, because it's a stunning display of how to get the population behind a movement.  And Exactly why I chose it for the issue of humankind's stewardship of the earth.


For the categoy, "Words", I chose this stunning and droll image of a PreRaphaelite woman gazing at a laptop and with a can of Dr. Pepper's. It is by Mark Licht under Creative Commons 2.0 License.





The background image used for the front page parallax scroll is from Wikimedia.  It is called Antelope Canyon.



via, CC0 Public Domain

This picture is the featured image for the post "what is a visual thinker actually"






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I will add other credits from time to time.