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Bernie Sanders for President

not me, us

Bernie Sanders

I'm supporting Bernie because I want to see our nation's children and grandchildren have real hope for the future.  It is these young people who are going to inherit the future and many of them are not old enough to vote.  So we who can vote need to think of them when we vote.

I grew up under the New Deal.  My sister and I, like millions of others of our generation were the first of our family to graduate from college.  A whole generation thrived because of the New Deal.  Our nation has been going backward for far too long.  No one should have to work more than one job to have enough to live.

Bernie's programs, like the Green New Deal and Medicare for All, reinvigorate programs that work and add new ones to meet the future.

I'll be pulling the lever for Bernie when my state's primary comes around. I hope you will add your voice for Bernie, too.



Finding my Soul in the Soil

... putting food on the table and doing my part to make life sustainable

Our First Dog – Playboy

The only dog I really knew as a child was my grandmother’s dog, Fluffy, a German Spitz. 


My History with Gardens (Part 2)

We learned right away the importance of the hunting season in a rural area.

Tomatoes plant with soil on white background

My History with Gardens (Part 1)

Then Sylvia did something no one could have envisioned: he proposed marriage to his hard-hearted landlady.


Old Lady Gardener

“But – isn’t your mother working for an environmental organization, taking canoe trips in the wetlands?  You know, these tests really don’t lie.”

Icons by the Hand of Barbara Djimopoulos

A modern look at sacred art

The Fourth Day of Creation


...a visual thinker tries to communicate in words

Circe surfs the waves

About ComPendiA

Here are some things that you should know about me.

aka Barbara

I'm not very good at filing, so you will not find the stories I write in the neat categories of the front page.

Since "Finding my Soul in the Soil" is about my gardening - vegetables - at an advanced age, the writing so far there is about the whys of my gardening and how I got there. As of yet, there ain't one article about vegetables..

There's also a reason why I started painting icons, so when I write the article on that you will find it in the Icons category.

All the rest of my writing will be under "Words".

Like most people, my life has been a mixture of good and bad, funny and tragic, mundane and beautiful. So you can go from one essay to another and think you're reading about a different person.

The image of the painting up on the left, is not of me. But it's sort of an alter ego. I did paint it, however.